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MacDee breathes fire


MacDonald Chidavaenzi, commonly known in music cirlces MacDee, has come out lashing at musicians from his stable.

MacDee was last month accused by various musicians from his stable of swindling them of their royalties from Zimbabwe Music Rights Association (Zimura).

The youthful producer however denied any wrongdoing saying all his dealings with all the musicians were above board and lawful.

“I have dealt with every musician from my stable transparently. When you first called me I never thought their accusations were that damaging and I think it is high time that the public know the truth,” explained MacDee.

“You will find that I assist the majority of the musicians with compositions. Sometimes I give them my songs and we record the music while in some instances I make a lot of input on the songs they bring.

“Most of the songs they bring are substandard and if I go on to produce substandard music it comes back to me. I do not want to be associated with substandard music because it impacts negatively on my name and my reputation will be tarnished.”

MacDee brought with him seven inlays of different artistes for whom he either composed or assisted on compositions.

MacDee composed all the songs for Dumisani Chitukutuku. He also composed all the songs on Zimbabwe Praise Choir’s album titled Volume 1.

For Bethan Pasinawako’s Anotida and Aripo MacDee is a co-composer as well as on Tyra Chikocho and Thembelani’s albums.

He also mentioned Kudzi Nyakudya and Sebastian Magacha as artists who have in some cases either sung songs he composed or whom he had assisted with composition.

Last month when this reporter contacted Zimura director Polisile Ncube concerning the comment, she said whoever was noted on the sleeve as a composer was eligible to get royalties.

Rising musician Chikocho conceded that MacDee assisted her a great deal in the studio.

“When I got into the studio he changed a lot of stuff on the album, including the lyrics. If it were some other producer I think he or she would have produced it as it was and I am happy with the work that he did.

“For that I feel he deserves a part of the royalties,” said Chikocho.
However, Bethen Pasinawako declined she got any assistance from the producer and said the information on the sleeves was inaccurate.

“We actually had to go and register it in my name together with MacDee last month at Zimura. At Zimura they had declined to register me alone since there was a co-composer. MacDee later admitted that I should get all the royalties,” said Pasinawako.

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