Super Sounds for local collaborations


Zimbabwean musician, Trust Moyo of Africa Super Sounds Band who is based in South Africa said he would like to work with local musicians in joint performances.

“I would like to hold joint shows with musicians such as Chase Skuza, Alick Macheso and Ndolwane Super Sounds,” said Moyo in an interview with NewsDay.

Moyo who is based in Johannesburg, South Africa said he was in the country to promote his band’s latest offering, Akelingitshele.

“We are working with music distributors in and around Bulawayo at the moment so that our music could be available locally,” he said.

Africa Super Sounds Band normally holds live performances in Johannesburg where they are based, he said.

“We normally come home (Zimbabwe) from time to time and we would very much like to feature in live shows with other musicians who are based here,” he said.

His band’s style of music is similar to that of Ndolwane Super Sounds, another group made up of Zimbabweans based in South Africa.

The music has a fast beat, laced with singing as well as direct speech where the musician dispenses advice to listeners on a number of issues.

“My songs teach people about life itself. The music seeks to create awareness among people so that they don’t repeat the same mistakes made by others,” said the songwriter and lead singer for Africa Super Sounds.

Formed last year, the group released its debut album the same year entitled Impumelelo.

He said those who will lay their hands on the latest album Akelingitshele were free to get hold of the band if they had any comments about his music.

“We are open to any comments and suggestions,” said the former actor who hails from Plumtree, Mangwe district.