Warrant of arrest for soccer boss


Shooting Stars Football Club director Joel Norman Sengeredo was yesterday issued with a warrant of arrest after failing to turn up for trial in a case where he is accused of swindling two Harare businessmen of $110 500 in a property deal.

Sengeredo was summoned to attend court on October 1, according to the return of service which he signed confirming he would attend court to answer fraud charges.

His name was yesterday morning called three times outside Court 17, but he was not there, prompting prosecutor Obi Mabahwana to apply for a warrant of his arrest.

Regional magistrate Morgan Nemadire issued the warrant of arrest in his chambers.

According to the State, Sengeredo is alleged to have sold his residential stand, Number 521 subdivision of Stand 181 Helensvale Township, which was under construction, to Stanely Kasukuwere and Itayi Walter Chirume in October 2008.

The first complainant in the matter Kasukuwere, the managing director of Bosstan Marketing, is said to have paid $62 000 as the initial deposit for the stand which was pegged at a total cost of $115 000.

It is alleged after paying the deposit, an agreement of sale was signed between Kasukuwere and Sengeredo.
The State alleges when Kasukuwere asked for the title deeds to the stand, Sengeredo refused to hand them over and allegedly became evasive prompting Kasukuwere to carry out investigations.

It is alleged Kasukuwere discovered that the same property had been sold to Chirume, the director of MMC Capital in Harare.

It is alleged during the same month that he had sold the stand to Kasukuwere, Sengeredo advertised the same stand through Highrise Real Estate and Chirume got interested in buying it.

He met Sengeredo who allegedly told him the stand was selling for $90 000.

Chirume then paid $18 500 to Sengeredo while his friend Taurai Munikwa, who is based in Uganda, paid another $30 000 through Sengeredo’s offshore account.
It is alleged Chirume later discovered through the Deeds Office that the same property was ceded by Sengeredo as collateral against a debt of $50 000. The matter was reported to the police, leading to Sengeredo’s arrest.