Minister divorce turns nasty


Minister of State in Vice-President Joice Mujuru’s Office, Sylvester Nguni’s wife Tsitsi, who recently threatened to expose the minister’s political shenanigans, has filed an urgent chamber application claiming monthly maintenance of $7 282, 32 as the couple’s matrimonial row wades further into public domain.

Tsitsi’s documented argument is “If Mr Nguni has money to support the opposition political party and his collection of mistresses”, he should surely give her what is due to her in terms of property which the couple acquired or upgraded together.

The maintenance application, which Tsitsi wants backdated to July this year, came as a result of a protracted divorce matter which is still pending at the High Court.

On Friday, Tsitsi filed the urgent chamber application through her lawyer, Advocate Kuda Mushore.
Nguni is yet to file notice of opposition if he intends to do so in terms of the court procedure.

In her application, Tsitsi said since Nguni deserted his matrimonial home she was still residing with Nguni’s 26-year-old son, Tendayi, at the matrimonial home in Harare while Nguni’s youngest son Tawanda, who lives outside the country, preferred staying with her whenever he came to Zimbabwe.

Tsitsi said even though Nguni’s sons were staying with her, Nguni did not support his matrimonial home materially.

“I obviously require maintenance for fuel, groceries, medication, utilities and home maintenance. My health has deteriorated immensely as a result of the respondent (Nguni) wearing me down, worry and stress caused by lack of finances,” Tsitsi says in her application.

“Respondent is well aware of the costs it takes to run this home yet he claims that these amounts claimed by me are exorbitant. Despite the trauma caused from lack of finances and sporadic visits without notice to me, I have received correspondence in which he has instructed a Mr Mawere to make certain humiliating statements painting me as being manipulative and uncooperative,” she said.

Tsitsi said she was entitled to the same standard of living that she enjoyed during the tenure of the marriage pending finalisation of the divorce case which will probably be heard next year.

Tsitsi alleges her husband, a Zanu PF official, made numerous donations to Simba Makoni’s Mavambo/Kusile/Dawn (MKD), an opposition political movement.

In one such incident, Tsitsi alleges Nguni made a donation of $20 000 which he gave to one of the founders of MKD at the couple’s 7 Northfields property in the Avenues area in February 2008.