Polygamist (54) accused of raping granddaughters


Villagers at Kasirori homestead, Chief Chinamhora, were left dumbfounded when a 54-year-old polygamist (name supplied) was arrested by police on allegations of raping his two granddaughters aged 10 and 12 years.

The polygamist was last week remanded in custody to October 6 for continuation of trial.

According to State papers, Kasirori allegedly started sexually craving his granddaughters last year when he allegedly fondled the breasts of his 12-year-old grandchild, but the victim managed to escape and locked herself in the house before he could abuse her.

But in July this year, the man is said to have taken advantage of a church service which was held in the village where he allegedly lured the two girls from and ordered them to follow him to his homestead.

When they arrived at his homestead, he allegedly ordered the elder girl to remove her church garment and lie on the ground whereupon he allegedly raped her while the other watched.

The nature of the relationship between the two girls was not disclosed in State papers.

After allegedly violating the first girl, he threatened her with death if she reported the matter before he allegedly proceeded to rape the second girl. He later asked the two girls to leave and to return to him later to collect some biscuits.

The girls did not divulge the rape to any of their relatives, but one of them allegedly confided to another villager who in turn informed schoolteachers and a report was made to the girl’s mother, prompting her to make a police report.

The polygamist pleaded not guilty when he appeared before regional magistrate Memory Chigwaza last week facing two counts of rape and another of indecent assault.

He told the court he could not have possibly raped the girls because his two wives were home at the time. He said on the day in question, he met the girls and they asked for money from him, but he told them he did not have any. Tinashe Kanyemba is appearing for the State.