Senior Zanu PF member instils fear in Manicaland — MDC-T


The MDC led by Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai is accusing a senior Zanu PF official in Manicaland of instilling fear amongst villagers opposed to President Robert Mugabe’s party in the Musikavanhu area of Chipinge.

Former Chipinge South legislator Enock Porusingazi is accused of ordering village headmen in the area to list all names of known Zanu PF supporters, sparking fears amongst opposition supporters who fear victimisation.

Porusingazi, however, denied the allegations saying they are carrying out a restructuring exercise.

“Those who do not belong to our party do not know why we are doing this. We are in the process of restructuring our party in the Musikavanhu area.
“Why should we write down names of members who do not belong to our political party?” said Porusingazi.

Matthew Gonera, organising secretary for MDC-T’s Chipinge South district coordinating committee, said Porusingazi and his colleague Tobias Matanga were distributing books to village headmen in the area and ordering them to list all members of Zanu PF.

“They are asking the chiefs to write down names of all Zanu PF members and we do not know why they are carrying out this exercise. But this has already instilled fear amongst villagers who are afraid all those known not to support Zanu PF will be victimised,” said Gonera.

Gonera also accused Porusingazi of denying those that support the MDC an opportunity to buy maize from the Grain Marketing Board, but this was also denied by Porusingazi.

“Anyone is now free to go and buy maize from the GMB. There is no need to produce a political party card when buying maize,” said Porusingazi.