Cabinet shutdown looms over truant ministers


Cabinet is next week expected to debate the issue of ministers who continuously play truant by not attending Parliament to answer questions pertaining their portfolios.

On Wednesday, only four ministers, Giles Mutsekwa (National Housing and Social Amenities), Gabuza Joel Gabbuza (Public Works), Heneri Dzinotyiwei (Science and Technology) and Eric Matinenga (Constitutional and Parliamentary Affairs) were in Parliament to take questions from MPs.

The other ministers’ absenteeism raised the ire of legislators.

In an interview on Thursday, Matinenga said the low turn-out by ministers was disappointing, adding he would take up the matter with his colleagues at the next Cabinet meeting.

He said the principals in the wobbly inclusive government were worried about the failure by ministers to attend crucial sessions.

“The attendance yesterday (Wednesday) was poor and I will certainly raise it at the next Cabinet meeting,” he said.

Matinenga said ministers were reminded every Tuesday to attend Wednesday’s session to answer questions from legislators.

He, however, said the fact that Cabinet did not sit this week could have contributed to the low turnout.
Matinenga said a number of ministers had travelled with President Robert Mugabe to New York for the United Nations