BCC to set up communal dumpsites


The Bulawayo City Council (BCC) is planning to set up communal dump sites, so as to reduce illegal dumping by residents as the local authority struggles to carry out refuse collection around the city.

BCC is need of 21 refuse collection trucks to be able to remove refuse frequently around the city.

However, only six refuse compactors are in use, a situation which forces the local authority to collect refuse once a month in every suburb.

According to the latest council minutes, the shortage of refuse collection trucks will force council to create communal dump sites.

BCC director of health services Zanele Hwalima confirmed the challenges the local authority was facing.

“Refuse collection has remained a challenge for us, but efforts are being made to monitor the situation,” she said.

“Communal dump sites would be ideal if council provided refuse bags for residents.”

BCC financial director Kempton Ndimande said council would soon procure refuse bags.

“The procurement of refuse bags is in progress. Communal dumpsites would reduce illegal dumping by residents,” he said.

Councillor Clayton Zana said mostly plastic bags and pampers were being dumped at night.

“Plastics bags are used for shopping and misused thereafter. Baby pampers are also dumped at night,” he said.

“Manufacturers of pampers should include instructions on how to dispose them.”

Bulawayo, popularly known as the City of Kings, was once considered to the cleanest city in the country. However, the local authority is now battling with offering up to standard service delivery due to the harsh economy.