Kunonga takes axe to schools


As the Anglican Church saga rages on, the Diocese of Harare led by Archbishop Nolbert Kunonga, has written to the church’s institutions, threatening removal of teaching and non-teaching staff who refuse to recognise his faction as the sole responsible authority.

The letter — seen by NewsDay and signed by chairman and education director, one L O Musekiwa — reads in part : “As you are aware that eviction orders are taking place in our institutions, every head who has a teacher or teachers and non-teaching staff who are currently Anglicans attending church services at Church of the Province of Central Africa (CPCA), those teachers and non-teaching staff are not supposed to be serving in our institutions.

“Therefore, this circular serves to notify you those teachers and non-teaching staff are to be removed or transferred elsewhere, since they are in disagreement with the ethos of the responsible authority, Diocese of Harare,” the letter read.

“Any head who does not take action concerning the issue will in turn be answerable to the Archbishop of the Diocese of Harare Anglican Church in Zimbabwe.”

Musekiwa said those identified would be referred to the Ministry of Education for transfer with immediate effect.

The Ministry of Education, however, said they would not intervene in religious matters on the basis there was a Supreme Court ruling that gave the Kunonga faction control over all church property.

“I understand there is a Supreme Court ruling and in the first instance headmasters are recommended by the church.

They come from the responsible authorities and they look for their own teachers. We can’t intervene in issues of belief,” said Deputy Minister of Education Lazarus Dokora.