BCC complies with ozone protection laws


Bulawayo City Council has phased out halogenated fire extinguishers and ambulances in compliance with the fight against the depletion of ozone layer.

This was revealed by the Bulawayo mayor Patrick Thaba Moyo during the commemoration of the World Ozone Day at the Bulawayo Large City Hall this week.

“The City of Bulawayo has among other things, achieved a great milestone in phasing out chemicals that are known to deplete the ozone layer,” he said.

“Our fire and ambulance section has also stopped using halogenated fire extinguishers commonly known as ‘halons’ in the fire-fighting operations.”

Moyo said most of the fire-fighting section was now using water and carbon dioxide-based extinguishers.

“These are safe to the environment and most importantly to the stratospheric ozone layer and the climate system,” he said.

“I would like to thank all the chief fire officers from all local authorities for heeding this call to change the way we operate in order to eliminate the use of these dangerous chemicals that destroy the ozone in the atmosphere.”

The mayor said the council had also extended the non-usage of halons to fumigation services that are conducted in residential, commercial and industrial sites.

The theme of this year’s celebrations was “HCFC phase out: A Unique Opportunity”.

The ozone layer prevents radiation containing emisions dangerous to health coming straight from the sun from reaching the earth.