D-Day for Zanu PF ‘spies’


Fireworks are expected at tomorrow’s Zanu PF politburo meeting, where the contentious and highly sensitive disclosures by whistleblower website WikiLeaks that top officials in President Robert Mugabe’s party allegedly spied on him, will be dealt with.

The disclosures have shaken the corridors of power in Zanu PF with insiders saying President Mugabe was so enraged about revelations that his lieutenants were supping with his enemies that he would come down heavily on those implicated.

The insiders said fear was pervading the top echelons of Zanu PF ahead of tomorrow’s meeting, especially considering the bad blood between President Mugabe and the Washington administration, which the veteran leader accuses of trying to topple him from power.

“The President’s position is very clear,” said one insider. “He is very angry with those implicated and I can tell you action will be taken.”

Zanu PF secretary for administration Didymus Mutasa yesterday refused to discuss what action was likely to be taken against those implicated in the cables.

“I cannot discuss that. What will be the purpose of the meeting? We will talk to the Press after the meeting otherwise what will be the purpose of the meeting if it’s already in the newspapers?” he said.

But Mutasa, a presidential confidante, set the tone for tomorrow’s politburo meeting when he declared at the weekend while in Mutare that Zanu PF officials alleged to have collaborated with the party’s enemies in the secret diplomatic cables should go through the party’s disciplinary process and be punished if found guilty of betrayal.

“The issue of WikiLeaks has become a major challenge for the party. Those that are implicated should go through the normal disciplinary procedures of the party,” Mutasa said at the Manicaland inter-party conference held at Mutare Hall