Stones, knives, machetes used to rob bishop


Anglican Bishop Chad Gandiya was last Thursday robbed of goods and cash worth $5 000 at his Mount Pleasant home in Harare.

Harare police provincial spokesperson Inspector James Sabau confirmed the incident.

“The complainant (Gandiya) was confronted by four people who entered his home through an unlocked lounge room door armed with stones, knives and machetes.

“They ordered the complainant and his family to lie down and they complied. The robbers then asked for money and they were given $600,” said Sabau.

“The accused then searched the house and took three laptops, four cellphones and jewellery all valued at $4 500,” said Sabau.

“They then locked the complainant and his family in the bathroom.”

The bishop later managed to rescue himself by using a duplicate key which was in the bathroom and he went to report the case at Marlborough Police Station.

Sabau said: “We are having problems of both plain and armed robberies. They are entering through unlocked doors between 6pm and 9pm.

“That is the new trend that is there now and we urge people to lock their doors all the time to avoid robberies, especially in the low density suburbs.”

In an email Gandiya said: “They threatened to kill us if we did not give them money.

“They searched my son’s bedroom and ours for money and any valuables they could get.

“They literally trashed our bedroom. They took my laptop and my son’s two laptops and all our cellphones,” said Gandiya.

“They loaded all our property in cars and took it away. We rejoice and thank God that none of us was hurt. We simply did what they told us to do. I am however, very suspicious of this robbery.

“It seems what they were after were just the laptops and phones. I am a little challenged in as far as communication is concerned at the moment. Although we are afflicted in every way, we are not crushed and we do not lose hope.”