Mosquito spraying begins in Mat North


The Ministry of Health and Child Welfare said the annual spraying for the prevention of malaria would start this month as the rainy season approaches.

In an interview with NewsDay on the sidelines of a malaria workshop for journalists this week, the provincial epidemiology and disease control officer for Matabeleland North, Elfson Dhodho, said malaria was problematic in his area and there was a need to put in place preventative measures.

“Despite inadequate funding, delayed procurements, staff attrition and other prohibitive factors, around September 12, annual spraying will begin in areas where there is malaria. These areas have malaria all year round, but with seasonal peaks. Dhodho said the ministry’s intention was to reduce malaria incidents from nine in 2007 (5%), to 4, 5% by 2013 and case-fatality rate from 4, 5% in 2007 to 2, 5% by 2013.