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Drums musical promotes cross-cultural marriages


Popular playwright Lewis Ndlovu has come up with an interesting musical act entitled Drums, which focuses on cross-racial marriages.

Ndlovu told NewsDay that those who would have an opportunity to watch the play would be “internally healed”.

“The whole concept behind the production is that people should stop thinking too much and just drum with us,” he said.

Ndlovu, a writer and producer, is well-known for handling major proaductions. In Drums, there is cast of 15 actors.

The play will premiere on September 20 at Bulawayo Theatre as part of the annual Intwasa Arts Festival. Alliance Française Bulawayo are the core organisers of the event.

Drums is an Ulemu Arts Production effort in collaboration with Umkhathi Theatre Works. Ndlovu said he had observed people have different opinions on cross-racial marriages.

“There are people who accept it, but there are others who totally frown on it because of the history of colonialism in Africa. But we are saying times have changed. Two people have a right to decide what they want to do,” he said.

The play, likely to set people talking, portrays a father who worries about colonialism, finds it difficult to deal with his sons’ cross-racial marriage, but he is healed after his son buys him a drum.

The play explores the modernised world where people from diverse racial backgrounds are getting married to one another.

Jabulani, the main character, has been staying in Europe and brings back a European wife. His father has difficulty accepting it.

However, he then realises that, after all, the woman is in love with his son and they are happy together.

Other productions that Ndlovu has worked on are Chakwatu, a 1999 production. He has also written and directed a 2001 production, Dingani, focusing on the Ndebele Kingdom, with a cast of 21.

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