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Messy divorce exposes minister


The ongoing divorce wrangle between the Minister of State in Vice-President Joice Mujuru’s office, Sylvester Nguni and his wife Tsitsi, has exposed Nguni’s alleged bed-hopping and political flip-flopping.

Responding to accusations by Nguni’s lawyers (Mawere and Sibanda) that she was spreading “falsehoods about our client’s personal and political life in an attempt to damage his personal and political career”, Tsitsi, in papers filed at the High Court through her lawyers, Sinyoro and Partners, let the cat out of the bag, revealing that she had no intention whatsoever of damaging the minister’s political career insisting:

“If I wanted to really hurt the plaintiff politically, I would have by now started questioning publicly how a sitting minister can financially support an opposition party at the last elections, then go back to supposedly towing the party line.”

In a letter to her lawyers, dated June 1 2011, Tsitsi affirms that Nguni “indeed sponsored Mavambo” and that “she could give more details at an appropriate time”.

She also reveals that, “on many occasions he (Nguni) expressed his dislike for the President (Robert Mugabe) and would say he was the one who was letting his country go down”, and for this reason Nguni played an “active role to persuade businesspeople to support his well-known political candidate”.

Tsitsi, who is cited as the respondent in the matter, alleges her husband made numerous donations to Mavambo/Kusile/Dawn (MKD), an opposition political movement under whose name Simba Makoni contested the 2008 Presidential Election against President Robert Mugabe and Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai.

In one such incident, Tsitsi alleges Nguni made a donation of $20 000 which he gave to one of the founders of MKD at the couple’s Number 7 Northfields property in the Avenues area in February 2008.

It is Tsitsi’s documented argument that, “If Mr Nguni has money to support the opposition political party and his collection of mistresses”, he should surely give her what is due to her in terms of fair share of property which the couple acquired or upgraded together.

The messy divorce, which was prompted, according to papers filed by Tsitsi, by Nguni’s habit of “servicing” a coterie of concubines, had even dragged in family members with one of Nguni’s daughters expressing disgust at Nguni’s alleged philandering.

In a long and emotional electronic letter to the minister which is also among court records, Natalie Nguni, his daughter who is now married and residing in the United Kingdom, complained how her father had no time for his children on the pretext that his business schedule was always tight yet “one thing you do have time for is womanising”.

In one of the most candid attacks one could have from his child, she writes: “So you could imagine how unimpressed I was to discover that while you have never ever had any time for me and you currently do not seem to have time for Tawanda (Nguni’s son), one thing you do have time for is womanising.”

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