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Couple threatens to shoot Top Cop


A Waterfalls couple got themselves into serious trouble on Wednesday after they allegedly threatened to shoot police spokesperson, Chief Superintendent Oliver Mandipaka, after a near car accident at Mbudzi roundabout along the Harare-Masvingo Road.

The police spokesperson reportedly identified himself and brandished his service pistol, prompting the couple to close windows with haste and speed off.

What ensued, according to eyewitnesses, was a movie-style chase. Police Inspector James Sabau confirmed the incident and said the vehicle which almost smashed into Mandipaka’s car, was being driven by the wife and had “L” plates.

Sabau said when Mandipaka tried to speak to the couple, they were uncooperative and the husband threatened to shoot him, claiming he had a gun.

“The husband threatened to shoot Mandipaka and then they jumped into their car, shut down all the windows and sped off,” said Sabau.

“They sped off after Mandipaka had told them that he was a police officer and had brandished his gun at the couple after being threatened,” he said.

Sabau said Mandipaka had reacted to the man’s threats and as the couple drove off at high speed, Mandipaka gave chase and called for reinforcements as he suspected the two could be criminals.

“The man’s behaviour had become suspicious and Mandipaka asked for reinforcements and they gave chase until the couple went into a Waterfalls house opposite the Waterfalls Community Centre and the man then tried to jump over a security wall whilst trying to run away from the police who had cornered him,” said Sabau.

When NewsDay arrived at the scene, a police Land Cruiser with about eight heavily armed police details could be seen driving at high speed from the couple’s house.

“When the police finally caught the man, he was taken to Waterfalls Police Station where police are still investigating. His wife had no driver’s licence. Investigations are still in progress and we strongly suspect that the couple’s actions were not only a case of bad driving, but that they could be criminals,” said Sabau.

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