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Chinese sharpen focus on God’s Kingdom


Hundreds of Chinese speakers countrywide will attend their Chinese District Convention in Harare this weekend as they sharpen their focus on God’s Kingdom.

The event is part of 31 Jehovah’s Witnesses (JWs) conventions replicated in other cities countrywide over successive weekends through September 18 that will also be in English, Zulu, Shona, French, Swahili and Zimbabwe sign language, among others.

The theme of this year’s convention is “Let God’s Kingdom Come!” and will focus on God’s Kingdom government billions around the world, are yearning for, yet they have little idea of what they are asking for.

The highlights of the event will be the keynote address: “Who are preaching the Good News of the Kingdom?” The programme will also discuss the importance of Christian baptism and qualifications to receive the blessings of God’s Kingdom, followed by an ordination of new members as ministers.

The main highlight will be the public talk: “Will Humans Ruin This Earth?”

Spokesperson for the organisation, Effort Mugabe, said the conventions will bring to the fore intriguing details from the Bible prophecies related to God’s Kingdom and how the Kingdom will bring permanent changes and blessings for those who love what is right.

Mugabe said the Chinese convention is the latest evidence of the Witnesses’ sharp focus on the Kingdom mentioned in Jesus Christ model prayer recorded at Matthew 6:9, 10

“In sharp contrast to the often conflicting, confusing, and complicated explanations of that Kingdom, Jehovah’s Witnesses promise a clear and refreshing approach to the topic at the Chinese District Convention and many others to be held countrywide this year,” Mugabe said.

He added to JWs, the Kingdom is a real government that will soon take action in favour of those subjecting themselves to it and against those who refuse.

Throughout the years, the JWs have held conventions focusing on God’s Kingdom government, carrying themes such as “Triumphant Kingdom,” “Divine Rulership,” “Kingdom Loyalty,” “Kingdom Truth,” “Kingdom Unity,” “Kingdom Increase,” and “Zealous Kingdom Proclaimers”.

He invited interested ones to attend and learn more about these topics, as admission was free.

There are over 7, 5million JWs in more than 107 000 congregations globally.

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