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Comment: Probe Mujuru tragedy with haste


As the nation mourns the passing on of one of its most illustrious and gallant sons General Solomon Mujuru, we firmly call for a thorough, independent investigation into his death.

His death has indeed shocked and stirred the emotions of many Zimbabweans. An inquiry should be undertaken without delay to shed light on the circumstances and those responsible, if any, for the death.

Given that Zimbabwe has a bloody history of political assassinations, one cannot blame some people from rushing to unfounded conclusions, and nothing less than a transparent inquiry will put the matter to rest.

There must be no stone left unturned and no sacred cows left untouched, and that probe must meet international standards.

The investigation must be conducted with absolute impartiality and professionalism. While we acknowledge the emotional reactions that Mujuru’s death has aroused, the investigation must be conducted with proper planning, transparency and level-headedness.

Forensic specialists must be brought in to investigate the factors surrounding his death. To clear any suspicion of foul play, we propose that expertise from a “neutral country” could be brought to unravel all aspects that led to his death.

For example, was he alone at the time that his house caught fire? Where were his security guards? What caused the fire?

The appointed investigators must collect information and evidence and interview any persons that are deemed relevant to the inquiry. All the information must be collected and made public in a timely manner in order to allay any fears that our beloved land is sliding into a new era of internecine feuding within the highest echelons of power.

It’s in the interest of the Zimbabwean State that the truth comes out. Unmasking the circumstances behind Mujuru’s death is not only a national duty; it will help to calm people’s spirits and put a stop to the accusations being bandied back and forth in the public sphere.

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