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Public transport under spotlight in new comedy


One of Zimbabwe’s talented comedy groups Wadada Theatre Productions has released an exciting comedy titled 5 Rand Yangu Ndoida (I want my 5 rand).

This realistic comedy comes only four months after they released yet another comedy titled Zvirimo Mudzimba, which explored people’s daily lives in their various homes, touching on the troubles, happy and sad moments.

“This time we have decided to focus on the situation in public transport where most local routes in Harare cost five rand and yet there is always trouble finding change,”said Wada Theatre Productions artistic director and producer, Garikai Kashoti.

Kashoti said in the comedy, a woman becomes troublesome in the commuter omnibus simply because she wants the front seat which a child has already taken.

The woman is finally convinced to take a seat at the back were all the drama begins.

At the back is yet another funny character, Mudhara Sele who first of all hands a torn $1 note to the conductor and while the conductor demands a fresh note he decides to start smoking on the bus causing a stir among fellow passengers.

Aphiri, the driver together with Mapropa the conductor, are always at loggerheads with passengers for various reasons.

“In the comedy we are simply looking at the problems in the lives of those who use public transport and we also bring a comic feel to it,” said Kashoti.

He said although it was a comedy, they tried by all means to tackle serious issues and their aim was to push the responsible authorities to take action against a lot of ills taking place in the public transport sector.

Kashoti said they had created the comedy around the issue of change because it was a common cause of conflict but the broader focus was on crime, corruption and immorality that are common in the public transport business.

The cast has actors who include Sabina Masangudza as Tsaona, Andrew Tom as Sele, Jeffrey Chikwesere as Aphiri, Allan Makweya as Mapropa and Vallerio Taderera as Sister Yogi.
“We hope people out there will start giving due respect to theatre actors in Zimbabwe just like in other countries because they have not been getting enough recognition,” said Masangudza.

She said that it was also important for parents to let their children fulfill their passion by supporting whatever talents they had.

Wadada Theatre Productions will soon be working on part two of 5Rand Yangu Ndoida.

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