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Mafika wows German audience


Mbira star Takunda Mafika took his exciting mbira tunes to Germany where he put up a sensational show during the Intercultural Summer Party (ISP) held in Munster, Germany last Saturday.

ISP is an annual event held in Germany and invites several countries to present their diverse cultures from music, food, dressing and various other cultural activities.

The mbira player was on a two-week training programme in Germany and was the guest musician representing Africa this year at the ISP. This is not the first time that Mafika has performed at this event.

Last year, Mafika performed for 22 countries and also collaborated with musicians from Germany, Poland, Belgium, and Britain as well as Tunisia.

He also shot a musical video for the song Chikuru Rudo from his debut album Dzimwe Nguva and is currently working on musical projects with artists from Europe.

“I am happy to be invited to such events where I can get to perform for such international audiences and teach people about our Zimbabwean culture, it also gives me a lot of knowledge as I get to know about other cultures of the world,” said Mafika in an interview with NewsDay on a social network.

Mafika performed mbira traditional folk songs as well as a repertoire from his forthcoming album which will be launched later this year.

The mbira maestro this year performed some acts with Zimbabwes talented Poet and wordsmith Robson Shoes with whom he presented a mbira-poetry fusion.

“This is my first time performing in Europe and I am very much happy to have performed the mbira poetry fusion for the international audiences. In the future we also want to do this for our Zimbabwean audiences before we record this style,” said Shoes a.k.a Shoeslambada.

Mafika has one album to his name and has worked with artists like Alexio Kawar, Willom Tight and the late Sam Mtukudzi.

He has taught some of Zimbabwe’s finest musicians to play mbira and this includes the likes of Diana Samkange, Pauline Gundidza and Alexio, Teererai Mugwadi among others.

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