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Sunday beer ban stirs heated debate


The proposed ban on beer sales on Sundays, which has reportedly been taken up for discussion in Cabinet, has received mixed feelings from the public with the majority of imbibers saying the proposed law would affect their social life.

The National Alcohol Policy first unveiled last year has reportedly been taken to Cabinet by Timothy Stamps, the special health advisor to President Robert Mugabe.
Yesterday, NewsDay visited the streets to gather people’s views on the matter, and this is what they had to say:

Solomon Kombora said: “This law is not ideal. This will only make people open shebeens because we want our beer on Sunday. What will we do if we do not drink beer on Sunday? As you can see, we want to play our soccer game then when we are done we would want to relax drinking our beers, and if you tell us that beer will be banned, that is very tricky.”

Marshall Munotengwa said: “This will promote shebeens, or what people will do is just stock up and have their drinks when they want.”

Ignatius Viorah said: “People want to relax on Sundays and would also want to socialise with others while drinking beer. The talk of the ban of beer is not ideal. We will not be able to cope with this law.”
“This is not possible. Monday to Friday we will be at work and our social days are during the weekends and now this having outlets closed by midday is just not fair. Actually we want them to be open until midnight so that we can enjoy our beer socialising with friends before we start a new week,” said Ignatius Munyikwa.

Victor Mapiye had this to say: “I think what they should do is to make sure that bottle stores maintain the closing times that were there before, 8pm. They should also notice those running the businesses need to survive from them. For instance they may be used to selling 24 crates on Sunday and then when outlets are closed at midday, it’s obvious that would mean less sales.”

Owen Makiwa said: “They should not put any restrictions on drinking beer. People just want to enjoy their beer and Sunday is also a day where people get to relax with their friends. We want to have our beer. This might promote what was there back then when blacks had to drink beer in their locations in shebeens and that is not what we want.”

Sandra Masamba said: “If they want to ban it, let them ban the beer all days. Why Sunday only? Rather, drinking and driving is the one violation that should be looked into and to make sure violators are arrested, otherwise this will not help because people will just go to the shebeens and have their beer there.”

Tracy Jima said: “Beer should be stopped not only on Sundays, but on all days. It should be stopped for good. It used to be drunk by responsible people, but now everyone is just drinking and most of them are irresponsible. A lot of marriages have broken up because of beer. I support this. Let it be banned. People who drink alcohol have bothered us. Let it be banned.”

Nomvula Ngwenya said: “I am not for it. Why should beer be banned? They just can’t ban beer. Where should we have fun if they say outlets will be closed at 7pm during the week and midday on Sunday, where should we relax? Since people will be at work during the week, weekend is the only time to relax.”

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