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We won’t bow to Zanu PF persecution —Tsvangirai


MDC-T president Morgan Tsvangirai yesterday told thousands of his party supporters at Mbizo Stadium the inclusive government had failed to live up to its billing, but he would soldier on to avoid bloodshed and further economic ruin.

“The GNU is not working. The one half of the government is busy persecuting the other half of government, but we are going to stay in government to save the people from bloodshed and economic decline to the magnitudes witnessed in 2007-2008,” said Tsvangirai.

“Reports that we are making progress are misleading, we are not going anywhere until there are reforms within the security sector. When we signed the Global Political Agreement the security sector was not an issue, but now it is because Zanu PF is abusing these national institutions to making them spokespersons of the party. If we had known that this was going to be the case, we would not have entered into that agreement.”

Tsvangirai said key elements in the election roadmap included security of persons during and after elections, secrecy of the vote and respect of the result of the vote.

“These are the three key issues in the election roadmap. Once these have been guaranteed we will then sit down after the Constitution and decided when to hold elections, but that will not be this year. We want elections and we don’t want them in 2013, we want them next year after these guarantees.

“We want a legitimate government because one cannot legalise an illegitimate government once the people have turned their back on it.”

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