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Using home remedies to cure opportunistic infections


My article has set objectives which are to create a platform for sharing best and alternative means to western medicines and to create a strong supportive community that will wholly embrace other alternative therapies in people living with HIV.

Zimbabwe is among the African countries that still remain with a high rate of people infected with HIV. Despite the fact there has been a rapid decrease in the number of HIV infections, the story still remains for those who have tested HIV positive.

Based on the findings made by Tapiwa Gomo in his article published on July 11, I realised that HIV funding had changed its course. This meant most people living with HIV will face challenges in accessing the drugs that can help in boosting immune system.

Research has proved very few people living with HIV die as a result of the direct effect of the virus that causes Aids. Instead, the host of opportunistic infections that take advantage of the already weakened immune system affect the infected person.

What is therefore important is to timely manage opportunistic infections using the readily available medicines. The availability and accessibility of the drugs has become a major concern in most countries in Southern Africa. I have realised the need to share the information that I have gathered from experts in the world of herbal therapy.

However, it is important to note that controversies have cropped up since HIV was discovered and declared incurable. A lot of stories have come up in the media where people have made various claims of curing the virus.

It is ironic that traditional healers have, for centuries, been the providers of primary health care in most African countries. Thus plants have always played a vital part in health care and for the majority of people the rural areas continue to do so.

But for how long shall we keep on dismissing these alternative therapies in the name of science and religion?

Let us therefore support each other in our discoveries. For those who believe in scientifically proven medicines, it is time to extend our pockets to those who have made these life saving discoveries and for those who hold various doctrines that prohibit the use to herbal medicines, maybe the time has come to loosen up an embrace what the world has to offer.

Today’s focus is on the use of home remedies to cure Candida which is one of the most common opportunistic infections. Candida is not only common in people living with HIV and Aids but it can come as a reaction to the type of under garments we wear and also in pregnant women.

In other cases Candida is common in people with an immune disorder or those who have been taking antibiotics for a long period.

Candida is a fungal infection, caused by the yeast Candida albicans. It can be found in the mouth or in the vagina.

Symptoms of vaginal Candida are:

  • Severe itching, and the lips of the vagina are usually bright red and painful
  • There may be burning sensations when urinating
    The following home remedies can be used to cure or reduce vaginal yeast infection:
  • Drink lemon grass tea or mango life tea preferably without sugar; if unbearable use natural honey to add a lighter taste.
  • Mix six teaspoons of vinegar in one litre of boiled water and wash or spray the area with vinegar water, if there is no vinegar use lemon juice in water
  • Include garlic in your daily diet and externally apply the following:
  • A mixture of pounded garlic and oil, in ratio 1:1
  • A mixture of pounded garlic and yoghurt, in ratio 1:1.
    Symptoms for mouth Candida are:
  • Small milky-white sores or reddish patches
  • Lack of appetite caused by pain in the mouth
  • A white tongue
  • Sores around and in the mouth sometimes swollen lymph glands.
  • The following home treatments help to cleanse the mouth and help the sores to heal:

  • Suck a ripe tomato or a piece of ripe pineapple twice a day
  • Suck a wild fig twice a day
  • Drink juice of a fresh lemon
  • Mix garlic and honey and take a teaspoon every few hours
  • Gargle with salt and water
  • Rinse mouth with a cup of water which contains one teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda.
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