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‘Traditional dances preserve culture’


Groups that won this year’s provincial competitions of Chibuku Neshamwari Traditional Dance competition will not be allowed to compete again next year, the Zimbabwe National Traditional Dance Association has said.

The association’s president, Kennedy Kachuruka told NewsDay recently at an event at How Mine his association, which is one of the organisers of the annual showcase, has decided not to allow winners to enter the national competition in the following year to pave the way for new groups.

“Winners will only come in as guest artists,” he said.
“We want to avoid a situation whereby the same groups win all the time”.

He said his association was impressed by the level of preparation as well as performance of the arts groups during the competition so far.

He called on artists to take their craft seriously.

“Culture is identity,” he said. “Dance groups should give their best during these competitions because there is no way people can distance themselves from their culture and roots. It leaves an everlasting imprint.”

Kachuruka said what makes the country’s arts industry even more vibrant and dynamic is the existence of different cultures, most from neighbouring countries.

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