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South Sudan seeks investment


A delegation from South Sudan which is in the country to explore bilateral cooperation opportunities has called upon local business people to invest in their country’s educational system, tourism industry, communication and technology among other sectors.

Speaking at Rainbow Towers in Harare on Monday, South Sudan head of delegation lieutenant-general Alfred Akwoch Omoli, said his country would benefit from investment by indigenous businessmen.

“We welcome all your interests as investors who want to develop our young nation which is now independent and just 16 days old,” said General Omoli who is also the ministerial adviser in the Ministry of Wildlife Conservation and Tourism.

“We were at war but we are now independent. We want the whole of Zimbabwe to invest in South Sudan because we are still very far especially in terms of education, because for the past two years of war there was no education.”

The delegation said South Sudan was endowed with a lot of mineral resources to explore and fertile soils, but the country remained poor.

The local business community has expressed interest in the construction of roads, hotels, hospitals, schools, police and army accommodation.

“We believe that when the tourism industry grows, there would be many opportunities in South Sudan and our main focus is to construct modern schools at reasonable costs,” said Awil Matindikeone a local businessman in the construction industry.

Asa Muzeyi, a player in the telecommunication industry, said his sector hoped to explore areas of fixed network and was keen to build fibre cables in that country.

Locals have pledged support to the delegation towards the establishment of a national indigenous bank and the setting up of a stock exchange that would assist in attracting foreign capital into South Sudan.

South Sudan started rolling out its new currency on Monday — the South Sudan pound — escalating a point of simmering disagreement with Khartoum after the country split away from the north on July 9.

Salva Kiir, the leader of South Sudan’s former rebel group, the Sudan People Liberation Movement, was early this month sworn in as the first elected president of the country.

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