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Row over Chimbetu’s ‘secret child’


Sulumani Chimbetu recently haggled with Chamu Boroma who claims to be son to the late Simon Chimbetu challenging him to prove his paternity in a row that sucked in Sulumani’s uncle, Allan.

Boroma hogged the limelight in 2008 when he publicly claimed the late dendera music icon was his father saying he could produce sufficient evidence to substantiate his assertion.

But the issue turned nasty a fortnight ago when Boroma and Sulumani had a heated argument over the former’s recently released album.

Boroma, the musician, said he wanted to give Sulumani a copy of his latest album before his “brotherly” gesture turned nasty.

“I called Sulumani just before the release date and we agreed that I would give him the album to sample. When I phoned him after the release of the album, he indicated that he had already seen it and that was when we had a serious argument,” said Boroma.

“Sulumani asked me why I had used a logo of a bird common on the late Simon’s albums. He said he was unhappy about the text on the sleeve, which salutes Simon and went on to challenge me to go for a DNA test to prove that I am his real brother.”

Boroma said he had been opposed to Sulumani’s suggestion and openly told him there was no one against whom the results would be measured since Simon was late.

“Sulumani went to the extent of saying that I should not phone him again because he did not want to have anything to do with me. I am not pushing to be called a Chimbetu, but I was merely making a brotherly gesture.”

Sulumani admitted he had an argument with Boroma over the album.

“I told him he used our trademark and ordered him to stop trying to fit in where he does not belong. He is going around claiming to be my father’s son and no one in the family is happy about it. Why can’t he prove beyond doubt that he is indeed part of our family?”
asked Sulumani admitting he had offered to take Boroma for a DNA test.

Sulumani’s assertion that no one among the Chimbetus was amused by Boroma’s actions contradicted with the latter’s claim that he was in good books with Allan.

Boroma said he had met Allan on several occasions and discussed various issues without any problems.
Allan, on the other hand, rubbished Boroma.

“I have met him on several occasions and I just talk to him like any other musician. Talking to him does not mean that I am admitting that he is a Chimbetu. From the very first time he made those allegations, I made it clear that he should bring enough evidence to prove his claims. We do not deny one of our own,” said Allan.

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