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MP livid over CDF misuse allegations


Pelandaba-Mpopoma MP Samuel Khumalo has lashed out at the media and residents for spreading lies about his use of the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) money.

There has been discord in Bulawayo over the use of the parliamentary funds meant for constituencies’ development with some residents accusing their MPs of failing to account for the money.

Speaking at a meeting organised by residents to discuss issues ranging from the performance of service providers to general leadership, Khumalo said some residents were spreading lies about him and newspapers latched at the lies and published them as if they were true.

“I am a victim of newspaper lies. They (newspapers) choose to write whatever they want. They don’t even bother to call me and find out my version of the story. When I invite them for functions they don’t come,” he said. Khumalo said the CDF money was meant to develop infrastructure in constituencies and not “peanut butter” or “bicycle repair” projects as alleged by some residents.

Khumalo said $16 000 was used to buy laboratory equipment for three high schools in the constituency and $22 000 to buy desks for five primary schools.

He said $12 000 remained in the account and would be used to renovate halls in the constituency.

“I have never used any CDF funds for my personal needs,” he said.

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