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$3 million roof tile plant commissioned


Vice-President Joice Mujuru on Wednesday commissioned the $3 million Beta Tiles concrete roof tile plant that has seen the company ramping up its production in the last four months.

The company installed a Modulo 40 semi-automatic plant capable of producing 330 000 tiles per week.

Speaking at the event in Mount Hampden, Harare, Mujuru said the construction industry worldwide is seen as a key barometer for economic growth and it is commendable to see companies expanding their plants and equipment.

“This is a shining example that indigenous ownership can lead to investment, expansion and more opportunities for all,” said Mujuru.

“The government is committed to the provision of decent accommodation for the majority of our people and this is in line with our recently launched Medium-Term Plan (MTP).”

Beta Holdings chairperson Albert Nhau said the firm felt the need to diversify from its traditional brickmaking to tiles as it sought to explore a new market.

“The factory and plant in front of us today (Wednesday) is the result of that decision to go and start from scratch. We believe the investment of close to $3 million bringing in technology and processes in producing concrete roof tiles will give Beta Tiles a strong headstart against existing operators and much importantly, provide the Zimbabwe market with a world-class product,” he said.

He said there was a need for the government to create an enabling environment which allows private enterprises to flourish.

Nhau said it was the private sector that drove the economy hence the government should find ways of strengthening the business environment to enable the country to achieve goals set out in the recently launched MTP.

“On our side as the private sector, we also realise we have challenges and issues we need to address so that our industry can be competitive and be able to withstand competition which is here to stay.”

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