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Cop fired for playing MDC-T jingle seeks justice


A senior Bulawayo-based police officer, Inspector Tedius Chisango, who was fired last week and thrown out of his government residence for allegedly playing MDC-T jingles on his computer and mobile phone, has threatened to sue his employer for unfair treatment.

Chisango, who until last week was officer-in-charge at Ntabazinduna Police Training Depot clinic, said he had since engaged lawyers to help him claim compensation.

The cop and his family were bundled out of the training depot last Friday and dumped at a nearby bush, about 30km from Bulawayo. Chisango told NewsDay his employer was supposed to give him three months’ notice to vacate the government house that he was living in.

“They never gave me any notice. The law says a government vehicle should help transport my property but that again was not done, but, instead, my property was taken and dumped a few kilometres from the depot,” Chisango said.

“The music that was found in my computer was planted by someone who afterwards called Harare to get me fired. The music that I have was kept in a flash drive at my house.

“I am coming from a meeting with a lawyer from the Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights who are now looking into the issue.

“I do not want to return to the force, but I feel there is need for the force to compensate me because I was unfairly dismissed and treated very badly.”
Chisango said members of the Ntabazinduna community came to his rescue and offered to store his property in their houses.

“I had a good relationship with most members of the community so on Saturday they offered to keep my property safely. I do not have a definite place to stay. When it gets dark, I approach one of the houses there and ask for a place to sleep,” said Chisango.

“I do not feel safe sleeping in one place so I always move. This morning (yesterday) I got a phone call from some woman impersonating an MDC-T official in Harare. She asked about my whereabouts saying she wanted to take me out for lunch.

“I later discovered that the person who was calling me was an impostor and now I do not feel safe.” Chisango has two children attending primary school in the city.

“When this whole issue started my wife ran away with one of my children out of fear. The other one is staying with well-wishers while I look for alternative accommodation.”

Contacted for comment, national police spokesperson Superintendent Andrew Phiri professed ignorance of the case.

“I am not aware of that case, but depots have their own spokespersons. Can you call after 20 minutes and I will give you their contacts?” he said. Efforts to get hold of Phiri afterwards were unsuccessful as his mobile phone had been switched off.

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