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Prince Tendai returns to China for treatment


Musician and businessman Tendai Mupfurutsa has returned to China for further medical attention as he continues to fight a disease that has affected his speech and arm movement, known as motor neuron.

Mupfurutsa was in the country briefly last week and sources close to him said he was improving.

His spokesperson, Joe “Local” Nyamungoma said Mupfurutsa, who returned last Monday, flew back to Beijing on Friday, where he will spend a month.

“He was here for a few important issues that needed his presence and he has gone back to complete his treatment. He will be away for almost a month and indications are that he will have commendably recovered when he completes the prescribed medication,” said Nyamungoma.

He was diagnosed with the disease early this year and his medical reports indicate the condition is a result of either shock or impact.

Mupfurutsa told NewsDay early this year he believed the complications were a result of an accident he was involved in last year.

The Character hitmaker initially visited several countries after the accident to seek medical attention, but to no avail.

Nyamungoma said Mupfurutsa was evidently on the mend because he could now handle light objects and pronounce some words.

His brief return coincided with the release of his latest album titled Something Mysterious — done with assistance of R&B musical group Soul Bone — that mirrors his current condition.

The album’s title track is a narration of how Mupfurutsa was involved in the accident and the pain he felt as his health deteriorated.

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