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NetApp urges use of latest technology


A team from American-based company NetApp, is in the country to market the latest data storage technology systems to small- to-medium scale enterprises (SMEs).

Speaking at a demonstration day in Harare on Tuesday, NetApp systems engineer for Sadc region, Patrick Maphopha, said SMEs should take advantage of new advanced ways of saving data, from the old tape-data back-up storage system to the cheaper and reliable, disk-data back-up storage.

“We want to help the business community to reduce costs, improve efficiency and respond speedily to data growth,” said Maphopha.

He said they were introducing the NetApp FAS2000 series for the SMEs.

FAS2000 has a low acquisition cost of resources, smart information technology (IT) organisations and trackle files application and vitualisation workloads.

“We think one should install a data infrastructure only once and then expand as one’s needs grow. Our common end-to-end unified storage architecture makes it possible for one to expand capacity and add functionality to our systems quickly and easily,” Maphopha said

NetApp FAS2000 systems provide a range of technologies and features based on data ontap to help increase storage utilisation and the efficiency of system and storage administrators.

He said NetApp Snapshot provides point-in-time images, enabling businesses to perform near-instantaneous file-level or full data set recovery, and its minimal performance overhead makes it uniquely suited for protecting one’s production data.

Thin provisioning helps avoid the costly, over provisioning and time-consuming reconfiguration that is typical with other storage solutions.

Maphopha said deduplication enables companies to store one copy of each unique data object, substantially reducing capacity requirements.

Frolgate Technology managing director Tongesai Chingwena said organisations were facing a challenge of change.

“We want people to start thinking captively, why is change required?

“We want the IT people to change the way of doing things, so that they can change the economy in the country,” said Chingwena.

NetApp offers storage systems, management, protection and object storage software as well as business, engineering and infrastructure solutions.

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