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Classical music duo gives exciting performance


Classical music duo, violinist Olegure Beltran Pallares from Spain and Italian viola player Behrang Rassekhi gave a sizeable audience an amazing performance during their first concert at the Harare International School on Wednesday.

The duo, brought by the Embassy of Spain in Harare, dressed in all black, certainly proved to be champions in their specialties as the crowds could not stop blissfully clapping after each well done performance.

Pallares and Rassekhi performed the String Duo for Violin and Vila in G-Major by Wolfgang Mozart, Sonata in C for Violin and Viola by Joseph Haydn, String Duo for Violin and Viola in B-Major by Wolfgang Mozart and finally the Passacaglia for Violin and Viola by Haendel-Halvorsen.

“It was a great feeling having such a supporting audience during our first-ever performance in Zimbabwe, the people are wonderful,” said Rassekhi.

He said the environment had been very welcoming that he never felt nervous from the beginning to the end.

Rasekhi said he loved to perform for the young, he had great joy in noticing a lot of children among their audience.

“At first I was nervous but the moment we started our performance it all left me and I had a great time,” said Pallares.

It was amazing how the concert had managed to bring together people from all walks of life including politicians, diplomats, artistes, parents and pupils among others.

Notable personalities at the occasion were Education, Sport, Arts and Culture minister David Coltard, Justice and Legal Affairs deputy minister Fungayi Jessie Majome, former American Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Charles Ray and Ambassador of Spain to Zimbabwe, Pilar Ferragut, to mention a few.

Artists present included jazz songbird Dudu Manhenga, Victor Kunonga, Desmond “Stunner” Chidemhe, Mannex and the National Gallery curator Raphael Chikukwa, amongst others.

“The performance was wonderful. Music is universal language on its own and it would be exciting to see our local artists collaborating with such performers,” said Majome.

Majome commended the Spanish Embassy for the good job they were doing of harnessing the arts sector through such events.

Award-winning artist Stunner said that he was thinking of collaborating with classical musicians to bring a new feel to his music.

“This was a great show and of course a good lesson for other musicians,” said Kunonga.

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