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‘Tertiary curriculum, industry lack coordination’


The Bulawayo chapter of the Computer Society of Zimbabwe (CSZ) has urged for coordination of activities between tertiary education curriculum and industry’s needs to bridge the technology gap.

Speaking at the relaunch of the Bulawayo chapter on Friday, CSZ chairman Mduduzi Gwebu said society’s sole objective was to close the gap between theory in class and practical needs of the country’s industries.

“The Bulawayo chapter has been revamped and this is a development that will ensure information communication initiatives are fully supported and the gap bridged,” he said. Gwebu said in the last three months CSZ membership in Bulawayo had risen by 59%.

CSZ was founded in 1974 with the aim of benefiting the computer industry and to educate the public on the use and development of electronic data processing and information technology.

It has encouraged the adoption of the International Computer Driving Licence in schools, universities, commercial training centres and corporate training divisions, and the establishment of e-learning in primary schools.

Bulawayo Metropolitan governor Cain Mathema’s representative Daniel Ntini said Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) were at the nerve centre of all sectors of the economy.

“The CSZ has and continues to ensure ICT developments in the country. They facilitated the removal of zeros, had it not been for them there could have been national disaster,” he said.

Ntini said the establishment of the Bulawayo chapter would ensure the region would regain its legacy.

“This chapter will soldier on under all circumstances for the benefit of the people in this region and the nation at large,” he added.

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