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‘Involve communities in CDF’


Bulawayo civic society organisations (CSO) have called for community involvement in the distribution of Constitutional Development Funds (CDF) to ensure transparency and accountability.

The CDF is a government initiative launched to fund constituency development projects.

CSOs said communities have been left out at all stages of disbursement of the funds.

In a statement yesterday, the National Youth Development Trust (NYDT) said communities should be involved at all stages of the distribution process.

“Communities have been left out in the problem identification, project appraisal, project implementation and monitoring stages,” said the youth organisation.

“Youths have also been excluded in participating in such developmental initiatives, a situation which has left most people unaware of what CDF is and the role it is meant to play in communities.”

NYDT has called for an overhaul of the programme.
“Inclusiveness of the CDF could be achieved through incorporating community members such as the local leadership, youths, the elderly, women, the physically challenged and child representatives, among other sectors,” said the youth organisation. Roderick Fayayo, coordinator of the Bulawayo Progressive Residents’ Association concurred with NYDT.

“The CDF is a new initiative in Zimbabwe and from all the mistakes that have been identified, it is important that the Ministry of Constitutional Affairs, MPs, senators and other stakeholders find a way to make sure that communities are involved in the initiative,” he said.

Ibhetshu Likazulu spokesperson, Mqondisi Moyo said sub-committees should be set up at local level.
“Sub-committees should be set up at constituency level that will look into the specific needs of the community, instead of the MPs deciding on their own what they want to use the money on,” he said.

A total allocation of $8 million was set aside for 210 constituencies in the initial fund and each MP was allocated $50 000 for developmental projects in their respective constituencies.

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