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Garanyemba villagers starving


Garanyemba villagers in Gwanda South are facing serious food shortages following erratic rainfall that characterised most parts of Matabeleland South last season.

Ward 13 councillor, Kennan Ncube told NewsDay at Garanyemba Primary School on Saturday that the community was starving due to a food crisis gripping the area.

“People are starving here. They did not harvest anything this year due to low rainfall. There is only one donor, Christian Care, that is assisting villagers here through the food-for-work programme. Villagers are working on a goat project and a dip tank where they get food as payment,” said Ncube.

“I am yet to approach the Grain Marketing Board to request that they supply the area with maize at subsidised prices. We are really appealing for food assistance from donors and the government.”

Ncube said beside the food crisis the area had a serious shortage of water resulting in some villagers travelling long distances in search of the precious liquid.

He also decried shortage of furniture at schools in the area.

“There are nine schools in my ward and all of them have a furniture problem. We have reported the crisis to the Gwanda Rural District Council that runs the schools but the local authority is telling us that there is no money at the moment,” said Ncube.

The councillor also appealed for the construction of Sangezana Bridge saying children failed to go to school during the rainy season when the river was in flood.

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