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Zanu PF, MDC brawl at axed woman’s house


, engaging in open verbal altercation in front of the ailing Rosemary Charlie.

Charlie is recuperating at her family home in Budiriro where members of the women’s Parliamentary caucus visited her together with members of the anti-domestic violence council.

She was allegedly assaulted, hacked with an axe and stabbed all over her body, over an as yet unclear domestic dispute.

Biata Nyamupinga, chairperson of the Zimbabwe Women’s Parliamentary Caucus, chose the sombre event to blast MDC-T MPs and organisers of the visit and refused to field questions from NewsDay.

“Why is it that there are no journalists from The Herald, I know this is an MDC-T issue. Why is it you went to look for my vice-chairperson (Keresencia Chabuka from MDC-T) behind my back? It only shows that this is an MDC-T matter and I will not comment on MDC-T matters,” she said.

Evelyn Masaiti (MDC-T) tried to calm down her visibly angry counterpart saying there was no need to politicise the matter, but Nyamupinga would have none of it.

Members of the team who accompanied the MPs tried in vain, to calm Nyamupinga down.

“There is no need to politicise this matter,” Masaiti pleaded. “You should simply comment (on questions from journalists) as chairperson of the caucus and not as a Zanu PF MP. We agreed to remove our political jackets when dealing with such matters.”

Before the altercation, the women had appeared to be on the same platform.

They said they would fight to ensure the alleged perpetrator, Charlie’s husband, Gorden Tsuro, a senior provincial marriage registrar was brought to justice.

Charlie narrated her ordeal to her visitors saying she was struck with an axe and stabbed with a knife several times by Tsuro.

She said her husband also used an axe handle to assault her under her feet while the door was locked.

The MPs said the government should do something to reign in on people who committed crimes bragging they were untouchable because of positions held in the government.

“The Government should make sure victims are protected from abuse by its workers. I hear he was bragging that he was a senior government officer who was well connected,” Nyamupinga said before throwing tantrums over the politics behind the visit.

Nyamupinga said the case was a serious one but surprisingly, the accused was free on bail. She said the $2 500 bill Charlie accumulated at Chitungwiza Hospital must be written off.

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