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Woman denies burning lover to death


A Ruwa woman, Chengetai Sanhewe, allegedly killed her boyfriend by dousing him in paraffin and setting him alight.

Sanhewe has however denied the charge of murder and told Justice Tendai Uchena at the High Court last week that her boyfriend, Paul Mashara, had in fact killed himself after she had jilted him.

The incident happened in the middle of the night, two years ago, on September 25 2009. Justice Uchena deferred judgement indefinitely and Sanhewe will remain in remand prison.

It is the State case that a day prior to the fateful day, Mashara is said to have visited Sanhewe at her residence in Fairview Park, Ruwa where the two talked until 7pm when Sanhewe left for a church service leaving her boyfriend home.

The state alleges Sanhewe returned at around 10pm and the two engaged in sexual intercourse before retiring to bed.

At around mid-night Mashara woke up and allegedly saw his girlfriend awake seated on a cardboard box and he went back to sleep.

It is alleged later that night Mashara woke up again only to find himself engulfed in flames and the back of his T-shirt was allegedly wet with paraffin.

He called for help and the owner of the house, Simon Dzenga and another neighbour came to his rescue. Mashara is alleged to have accused Sanhewe of dousing him in paraffin.

However, in her defence, Sanhewe told the court that Mashara allegedly doused himself in paraffin and set himself alight after she decided to terminate their affair.

She also denied ever being intimate with him on that day but admitted they quarreled over the issue of breaking the affair and as a result Mashara decided to burn himself.

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