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l I am a financially stable 22-year-old man who is outgoing. I am looking for fun loving women between the age of 22 and 35. Please call or text on 0734328830.

l I am a married man, 38 years old, seeking a beautiful married women between 30 and 50 years just for fun and new experience, no strings attached. The women should be financially stable. Please contact or email profile or photo on heyras3@gmail.com.

l I am a lady aged 24 looking for a man aged between 28 and 32 years of sober habits and, above all, a God-fearing man.
The man should be ready to marry and settle down. Please contact tmazuru@ovi.com.

l I am a lady aged 30 looking for a guy aged between 32 to 38 for a serious relationship. Please sms on 0713 322 385.

l I am a lady aged 20 and in search for a boyfriend between the ages of 25 and 30
Please call me on 0774 789 837.

l I am a 38-year-old male settling down in Chisumbanje and would like to meet a lonely, financially independent female between the ages of 34 and 44 for long-lasting connections. Contact me on jpure73@afritechno.com.

l I am a man aged 31 looking for a beautful and honest lady. Please sms on
0712 956 830 any time.

l I am a single mother of one looking for a serious man to settle down with between 28 and 35 years with not more than two kids. No chancers, please. Please call me on 0778 307 391.

l I am a man aged 32, employed, honest, good facial appearance, married and looking for a sugar mummy with financial stability aged between 32 and 47 years. Basically, I am not looking to benefit from her monies, but as a sexy man would only love to share my unique love with a loving mummy. Try it.
Anyone interested to venture into a memorable loving affair can text me a message or phone on 0773 238 677.
l I am a 28-year-old civil servant and I am looking for a mature and financially stable lady. There is no age limit as long as you are financially stable. I am prepared to go for HIV tests. philany@cooltoad.com

l I am a young, handsome man aged 24 seeking a beautiful sugar mummy. Please call or text on 0734 255 813.

l I am looking for a man just to have fun with, someone who is financially stable between the ages 35 and 50. Please call me on 0776 307 704.

l l am single guy aged 26. l am employed, looking for a beautiful lady aged 25 and below of any race with one or no child and a good background. Please sms or call
0733 704 016/0714 2421 34.

l I am a man aged 33 with two kids. I am looking for a beautiful and caring lady aged between 22 and 27 who is serious. Please contact me on 0773 113 156.

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