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Father’s Day gift ideas


You have just less than 24 hours to come up with a gift idea for Father’s Day if you have not got one already.

Ideally we should not have to wait for one day in the year to celebrate fathers, but tomorrow we’ll make the most of it.

Thankfully Father’s Day is during winter so this gives us more to consider.

Here’s a list of possible gift ideas:

l Personalised mugs

This could be anything from a mug with the famous “best dad” tag, or a personalised message from you. This kind of gift allows you to add that personal touch.

l If your father is into that occasional drink, you could get him a trendy bottle opener, glass, or bar accessory.

l Book

If you know the books your father has been reading or has in his collection, you could find a book he has been longing to read and buy. He will appreciate that you know him well and this way you are also guaranteed it will be a book he will actually read.

l Pen set

You could also brighten your father’s office with a unique pen set. The trick is to get something he will actually use.

l Wall hangings

As much as these are not of any practical use, they brighten up a room. If your father is into art, he’d appreciate this in the house or in his office.

l Frames

Along the same line as the wall hangings, you could get a photo taken of you alone, with your father or with the whole family. This is the kind of gift your father probably would not organise for himself, so the effort you put into this will be valuable.

l Clothing items

If you know your father’s fashion style or would like to see him in anything different, this could be a place to start. I guess the first clothing item that comes to mind is a tie . . . but you could be creative and come up with other items. Explore the trends this winter, or perhaps get a voucher and he can make his own choice.

l Cologne

You can never go wrong with your father’s cologne. Just get him that cologne he’s already using or something similar.

l Sports accessories

If your father is that active man, into golf or any other sport,you could get him something he could use while playing sport. If he is into a particular football team, you can you could get him a personalised jersey.

l A meal

Most of the ideas I have mentioned have been monetary gifts, but you could take the time to prepare that king’s breakfast, lunch or dinner. You could make his favourite meal, or even bake a cake if he’s into something sweet.
The aim of the day is to make your father feel special. Let him know you appreciate him and take time to show this on other days of the year.

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