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NewsDay charts through Zim treacherous media waters


From the ashes and rubble of a sustained, official anti-free press, scorched-earth blizzard, NewsDay emerged as the forerunner to a slow, steady, painstaking, proliferation of media players.

We were on the spot as soon as the first flicker of harbour lights began to show.

Few countries in the world sank to the levels of media choice deprivation and denial of rights to information that Zimbabwe went to.

Only fascist and totalitarian regimes have come anywhere near the media repression that Zimbabwe has had to go through as a paranoid regime, only accountable to itself, began to see enemies everywhere.

From wholesale arrests, detention and even extra-judicial killing of journalists and closure of, as well as bombing of media organisations and printing presses.
NewsDay had to pioneer the treacherous media seas after this holocaust, to restore renewed confidence in media practitioners that we have a role to play in nation-building and being the voice of the voiceless and watchdog, to ensure that those who occupy public and private office are kept in check.

The terrain is still pretty much a minefield with wounded media hangmen and desperate professors of patronage still trying as they may, to exercise their attenuated, perceived powers to make an impression.

NewsDay has soared the skies with an ever -increasing circulation and readership to beat them all.
We have remained true to our leitmotif of “Everyday News for Everyday People”.

Resultantly, we have been threatened, raided and have had computers and hard drives stolen, all in a bid to ensure that our capacity to tell it like it is, is curtailed.
We remain resolute and even more determined.
If they are worried, we must be touching the raw nerves.

Zimbabweans have a right to know the truth. Gone are the days when they can be fed on the humdrum of State media rations of meaningless propaganda.
There are no sacred cows as far as we are concerned.

We report the truth, irrespective of whether it’s in the public or private domain.

We give balanced reportage on all political processes, irrespective of what political formation it may be or what power they yield.

Zimbabweans have an inalienable right to media information, education and entertainment .
And, that is our business!

Those that do not like it had better be un-newsworthy.
Our duty is to Zimbabweans and not to any government or political party.

We will continue to inform the nation the best way we know how. Lastly, Congratulations to the Chairman Trevor Ncube, CEO Raphael Khumalo and Editor-in Chief Vincent Kahiya, who was the pioneer editor, and the whole NewsDay crew.

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