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SeedCo Zambia plant nears completion


The construction of a $5 million plant in Zambia by SeedCo Zimbabwe is nearing completion and plans are already underway to set up a similar plant in Malawi in the next few months.

The Zambian plant that began in March last year is scheduled to be completed before the end of July.

SeedCo chief executive officer Morgan Nzwere said the Zambian project was almost complete after which the Malawi project would commence.

He said the company’s strategic priority was to build a strong brand through innovative packaging and a holistic marketing management approach.

“Zimbabwe will benefit through dividend inflows and constant supply of seed whenever the need arises,” said Nzwere.

“The Malawi project is expected to be implemented within a period of 18 months.”

He said the company had also invested $2 million at its local plant in Harare.

Nzwere said the company was growing its businesses through footprint spread and new related operations.

He said Zimbabwe is the first country to introduce productive hybrid maize culture in smallholder agriculture sector on the continent.

Nzwere said the company’s success in producing effective seed in Malawi was evidenced by bumper harvests the country has recorded in the past two years.

He said the company had already introduced a number of new crop varieties this year to assist farmers and ensure maximum production of all grains and oilseeds while in the process reduce costs of production for the farmer in terms of crop disease control.

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