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NewsDay Celebrates One Year Annivesary


NewsDay was established at a time when Zimbabwe is emerging from almost a decade of political strife, economic collapse and social distress.

NewsDay’s birth in part represents the hope of a tortured nation and the paper will provide leadership as the country normalises.

NewsDay will play a leading role in national healing, nation building, reconciliation and reconstruction;

NewsDay will provide a platform for Zimbabweans to talk to each other without fear or favour. Only through a robust engagement will Zimbabweans emerge from the current polarisation into a society characterised by high levels of tolerance;

NewsDay will provide a platform on which Zimbabweans can express their fears and aspirations;

NewsDay will offer a canvas upon which Zimbabweans showcase their best ideas to help transform the country into a knowledge-based society. Successful societies are those that allow their citizens to freely express their creativity, ingenuity and entrepreneurship;

NewsDay will be professional, credible and dependable;

NewsDay will celebrate our diversity;

NewsDay will be a paper for all Zimbabweans telling the story of their success and failures as lessons for a
better tomorrow;

NewsDay will inspire Zimbabweans through sharing good news and not hiding the bad;

NewsDay will be independent of advertisers, interest groups, big business, the government of the day and all political parties. It will reflect the views of all Zimbabweans and it will be trusted by all sections of society

NewsDay will be fair, balanced and objective at all times;

NewsDay will appoint an internal independent ombudsman who will be a retired judge or editor to ensure the paper lives up to its principles and is accountable to the public;

NewsDay will be engaged, relevant and responsive;

NewsDay will be an activist on behalf of the people to ensure good governance, transparency and accountability both in the public and private sectors;

NewsDay will be investigative, accommodating and entertaining 15.

NewsDay will be a paper through which the public communicates with those in
authority. It will be the pulse of the nation for those in authority and

NewsDay will be Zimbabwe candidly talking to itself.

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