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Ebhoks happy to be out of BBA


Recently evicted lovebirds, Ernest and Bhoke popularly known as the EBhoks, claimed to be happy to be out of Big Brother Amplified (BBA).

The two were evicted on Sunday and sent back to their respective countries.

In an exclusive interview with NewsDay, Bhoke said it felt good to have her freedom again.

“It feels good to have my freedom back with no cameras watching each move I do,” said Bhoke.

Ernest said he felt it was time to exit the BBA as he had done what he had entered the house for.

“I feel I have achieved my mission in BBA and it was now time to leave. If you are a great entertainer, there comes a time where you have to leave. BBA is a house to make connections with people. I had built relations with people in the house so I think that was enough,” said Ernest.

Ernest also made it clear that he had no beef with Luclay: “Luclay was insecure as he felt I was a potential threat.”

Bhoke said she honestly loved Ernest and their relationship had nothing to do with their eviction.

“I deeply love Ernest and I am not so sure though if we are going to continue with our relationship outside the house. What I can say for now is that we are going to continue being friends,” said Bhoke.

Bhoke said one of her favourite housemates was Kim because she felt she had a close connection with her. Asked about who she thought had the potential to win the $200 000, she said:

“Confidence, because of her character.”

Meanwhile, Karen is the happiest Tails mate after the exit of the Ebhoks. On Monday’s Tails chat-room sessions, Karen who had her fair share of arguments with both Bhoke and Ernest, said their eviction from BBA was good riddance.

She said Bhoke had been in the house solely to be with Ernest and she got what she wanted.

Karen added that Kim had cried crocodile tears when Bhoke was evicted because as soon as Bhoke was out of the eviction doors, Kim was all giggly.

“The more people go, the closer you get to the money,” said Karen justifying herself.

However, Kim insisted that she really missed Bhoke because the two of them were actually quite close. Meanwhile, Danny said he felt sad about Ebhok’s departure because they had become one big family. A void would remain.

Nic, on the other hand, said he would actually miss Ernest because he had begun to know him better. He added that Bhoke had also started opening up to him.

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