Forensic conference on cards

Zimbabwe will next month host the third forensic conference for Africa aimed at equipping countries with forensic accounting skills to deal with fraudulent schemes and corruption, it has been learnt.

The event is being organised by Proctor & Associates Fraud & Risk Consultant (Zimbabwe) in collaboration with Forensic CPA Society (US), O’ Sullivan Associates International, and Cornerstone Training Institute (Kenya).

Forensic auditing/accounting is described as a blend of traditional accounting, auditing and financial detective work.

In a statement, senior partner at Proctor and Associates, Proctor Nyemba, a certified fraud examiner, said technology has an increasingly important role to play with complex data analysis techniques employed to help flag areas that warrant further investigation.

“It offers a toolset that managers can use to help detect and investigate various forms of financial impropriety and inappropriate or inefficient application of resources,” said Nyemba.

He said the conference was designed to prepare delegates with cutting-edge training and networking resources to effectively handle forensic accounting issues.

“As our world becomes more complex so should our procedures and internal controls. To protect your business, you will need much more than just a good business plan, but also fraud detection procedures, sound practices and procedures, adequate segregation of duties and the ability to look beyond the numbers for fraud detection issues and forensic accounting,” said Nyemba.

Vice-President Joice Mujuru is expected to officially open the conference that runs from June 13 to 15.


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