Allan Chimbetu brews shocker


Musicians from Chimbetu family have mainly been associated with Zanu PF due to the late pioneer of dendera music, Simon’s, open allegiance to the revolutionary party, but the trend seems to be shifting.

Simon’s brother, Allan, who also actively participated in Zanu PF campaign events and songs when the former was still alive brewed a shocker when he featured at the just-ended MDC-T congress in Bulawayo belting out the former opposition party’s songs.

Allan performed in four slots during the congress and he admitted that his first performance at the event was a shocker to many attendees.

Although he would not reveal his political inclination, the musician said working with Simon and participating in Zanu PF functions did not necessarily mean that he subscribed to his late brother’s political ideology.

Sources who attended the congress say Allan went to the extent of altering some lyrics from Simon’s Zanu PF praise songs into MDC-T promotional lines.

Allan admitted he made the lyrical changes because those songs were specific requests from the MDC-T and the order was that he sang them in a way that suited the party.

However, the musician noted his music was far divorced from his political affiliation since there was always a boundary between his personal and professional conduct.

“Music is business and no one should say that because I have performed at any political event, I am preaching politics. I perform at political functions as an entertainer and not a politician,” said Allan.

He said what pushed him most to attend the congress was the value that he attaches to invitations to perform at such grand events.

“It shows that they recognise me as a good entertainer and performing at such a big event is an honour.”

The musician has not recorded any political songs yet, but says he has many such compositions and is waiting for the best time to release them.

“I know what is good and what is bad politically. I have my own favourite party and I can come up with many political songs. It’s just that I do not feel that this is the right time to do so.”

Allan, however, admitted that his brother Simon would never consider crossing the floor or pursuing any political ideologies contrary to Zanu PF in the name of business or any other reason.

Simon was a well-known Zanu PF supporter and many of his songs that include Ndarangarira Gamba, Hoko, State House and Pane Asipo clearly advanced the interests of his party.

He was declared a provincial hero and buried at Mashonaland West Provincial Heroes’ Acre in 2005. For the better part of his career, Allan worked with Simon.