Another Courage for Fungisai


Popular gospel musician, Fungisai Zvakavapano- Mashavave, gave birth to her second son and third child named Courage after her husband, on Saturday at the Avenues clinic in Harare.

According to sources close to the musician it is believed that the singer gave birth to a premature baby on Saturday but everything was under control and the baby is well.

“Our baby boy was born on Saturday and we have already named him Courage (Jr) Wenyasha,” said a delighted Fungisai when NewsDay paid her a visit in the hospital on Tuesday.

Although she was not willing to give out much detail Fungisai said she was so overjoyed by the birth of her third child whom she has named after her husband Courage Mashavave.

Fungisai’s first child is a boy named Tawananyasha aged six years old and her second a girl named Matipanyasha who is two. She said all her children’s names carried the word nyasha, which means “grace” as a way of acknowledging the grace that the family has received from God over the years.

“I am going to be on stage sooner than you think and this is going to be a surprise to everyone,” she said.

Fungisai said having a baby would not in any way be a hindrance to her performances.

As NewsDay was chatting to the gospel diva her husband walked in and before anything else he greeted his wife and told her that she was looking way much better than the previous day.

“The birth of my son gives me a great feeling and I felt the same way when the other children were born,” said Mashavave.

He added that he was not a man of many words but it was quite clear that he was overwhelmed by the coming of a new addition to the growing family.