Tsvangirai, Chamisa vow to clean provinces


Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai Sunday issued another stern warning to “ill-disciplined” party supporters and said he took the party’s resolution on discipline seriously and would visit provincial structures to enforce it.

“We will deal decisively with all forms of violence and indiscipline so that we make our push towards governing this party in unity of purpose,” Tsvangirai said. “The question of discipline is very serious . . . I shall be coming to the provinces. I don’t get tired of coming to the provinces to investigate and establish the culprits who were responsible for violence. There will be no sacred cows.”

Tsvangirai said this in his acceptance speech at the end of his party’s third national congress at Barbourfields Stadium.

The MDC congress started on Thursday and ended Sunday morning with the announcement of the newly elected party leadership.

New organising secretary Nelson Chamisa also warned party structures at provincial level against division and factionalism.

“In the provinces where you are not united, you should be united because that is our new song,” Chamisa said. “I will be coming down there to ensure that no matter what you think, you are united. We will be fair and firm. We will listen but lead.”

Tsvangirai was elected, unopposed, as the party president for the next five years.

“Your respect for the democratic process is an example that, if followed by more Zimbabweans, can only lead to a better future in the new Zimbabwe,” the MDC-T leader said.

“My fervent wish is that you will continue to work with us and the people of Zimbabwe to bring real positive change to our nation.”

The Prime Minister said the MDC-T would now brace itself for the final task of dislodging Zanu PF from power.

“I wish to thank you all once again for the confidence that you have shown in my leadership and in my ability to take the MDC from a partner in this coalition government to becoming the governing party after the next election.

“It is only an MDC government that has capacity and support to grow this economy by about 10% every year.

“If we grow the economy by that margin every year, we will be creating jobs for our young people in the process.

“That level of growth will attract investors, both local and foreign, to our country. We will begin to see investment in mining, infrastructure development, agriculture, health, education, in the hospitality industry and all other sectors,” he said.