Punters boo anti-sanctions slogan at Independence Gala


It was a night of mixed-fortunes at Ascot Stadium as musicians took turns to present their acts at the Independence Gala on Friday night.

More than 30 musicians took to the stage to try and entertain thousands of fans that thronged the stadium.

The annual music gala was this year held under the theme “Peace, Unity and Development”.

Although many artists performed, veteran gospel musician Hosiah Chipanga clearly stole the show as his fans went into a frenzy when he took to the stage.

Chipanga mesmerised the gathering with his traditional solo dance.

Clad in a white robe, he danced alone at the far end of the stage in an energetic display that defied his age.
His fans responded with clapping of hands and singing along to his music.

Perhaps another of Chipanga’s strengths is his ability to sound comic in his songs while delivering a strong message.

Some of the musicians such as Tambaoga, Cde Chinx and the Mazana Movement however attempted to turn the concert political by “preaching” about sanctions.

Zanu PF is currently embarking on a countrywide “anti– sanctions” campaign to secure two million signatures to pressure the Western world to drop sanctions imposed on President Robert Mugabe and his lieutenants.

The audience however did not take kindly to the issue of sanctions, shouting at Tambaoga to “get off the stage”.

The musician had said: “Zimbabwe’s Independence came by bloodshed. We say no to sanctions”.

Cde Chinx, a well-known Zanu PF sympathiser, had also taken a swipe at the embargo saying “down with sanctions”.