Zimbabwe headed for bloody election – Mkhosi


Mangwe MDC MP, Edward Mkhosi, has warned Zimbabwe could be headed for a bloody election worse than the June 2008 Presidential election run-off if the spate of arrests of politicians and human rights defenders continues unabated.

“The Joint Monitoring and Implementation Committee (Jomic) work is becoming more difficult. As it is, we are trying to come up with a roadmap to the elections and we are faced with this selective application of the law. I am sure (in the next election) what we saw in June 2008 will be repeated in many ways,” said Mkhosi, who is also Jomic member and Constitutional Parliamentary Committee (Copac) co-chairperson.

Mkhosi’s observations came hard on heels of the drama that took place on Tuesday when National Healing co-minister, Moses Mzila-Ndlovu and Lupane Roman Catholic priest, Marko Mnkandla, were dragged to court in Hwange and the subsequent harassment of lawyers representing them.

Among those arrested was Qhubani Moyo, a Jomic member.

But Officer Commanding Matabeleland North police, Senior Assistant Commissioner Edmore Veterai, defended their actions, claiming the high-profile court case was potentially riotous and the roadblocks were part of security measures to ensure peace prevailed in the town.

Veterai said they had received information that MDC leader Welshman Ncube’s party wanted to “spring out” the detained minister and his co-accused.

“We are supposed to be working on a roadmap for the elections and some people are putting hurdles on the way. If this continues then they will end up arresting everyone in Zimbabwe,” said Mkhosi.

Moyo told NewsDay they were arrested at 10:30am and released after 6pm without charge.

“It is clear that all they wanted to do was to deny Mzila-Ndlovu representation by a competent lawyer in court and they also wanted to deny him the moral support of his colleagues. We were carrying his bail money and could have asked someone in Bulawayo to bring his passport. It was calculated. As Jomic, we are disturbed. The upsurge in politically-motivated violence would not create an atmosphere conducive for free and fair elections.

“There is a need for people in the government to stop abusing the security apparatus as this could lead to similar situation June 2008 that produced results that were disputed. They need to talk to each other and implement the Global Political Agreement fully and put a leash on security apparatus that are clearly partisan.”