Second wife sets hut ablaze


A Chinamhora woman was arrested last week and charged with attempted murder after she allegedly torched a thatched hut in which her husband and his first wife were asleep.

Teresa Mudaniri (33) appeared before regional magistrate Memory Chigwaza facing a charge of attempted murder and was remanded in custody to May 3 for trial.

On Monday last week it is alleged Mudaniri’s husband visited his first wife Monica Machaya after spending one-and-a-half years away.

The man’s name is not mentioned in court papers.
The husband is said to have indicated to his first wife that he had returned for good and the couple retired to bed at around 9pm.

The following day at around 2am, Machaya woke up to discover that their hut was on fire.

She alerted her husband and together they managed to put out the fire but did not immediately identify the culprit.

The state alleges that about 25 minutes later, Machaya’s husband woke up intending to go and confront Mudaniri whom he suspected to have torched the hut.

When he opened the door, he allegedly saw Mudaniri holding burning embers on a sunflower leaf and wrestled her until she dropped them.

It is alleged Mudaniri remarked that she had set the house ablaze because of her husband who had decided to go back and stay with his first wife.

Machaya’s husband apprehended Mudaniri and took her to the police.